Stopovers - QATAR

Qatar, an emirate lacking identity. Highlights on some realizations and projects under construction. December 2012.

A shopping mall named "Villaggio" trying to recreate the Venetian atmosphere. Air-conditioned and cloched, with painted clouds, cardboard and trompe l'oeil perspectives, in an improbable light after all uncomfortable.

The skyline of Doha taken at Christmas 2012. An inflation of towers, however not vertiginous compared to those in the next door emirates. A consideration on the green spaces too. Farther, a desert to be colonized.

The nostalgia for the culture of pearls before Doha became a construction field. The jolts of a former fishermen's country. Leisure activities in the neighborhood of refineries. And the ride of Santa Claus under the palm trees, for the sake of tourism.


mots-clés : skyline, Doha, Al Khor, Al Khwar, Qatar

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