Stopovers - ETHIOPIA. Caravanner way from Mekele to the Afar salt lake

After Mekele, to continue towards the Danakil depression, one leaves the foothills of the Ethiopian highlands the way behind, and one penetrates, heading due east, into the Afar Triangle. The last Tigray people take the place of the first camel drivers.

Reserves for several days were embarked: diesel, drinking water, food - partially brought from France -, alive chickens... 

The map doesn’t mention any road or trail. A slow and careful descent of about 160 kilometres begins, to reach Dallol, four days later (of which two on foot), 2200 metres further down.

At Bere Ale starts a defile only used by the salt caravans coming back up from the lake Assalé, also called lake Karoum. In an endless noria, 4 to 7000 dromedaries and asses carry every week the salt slabs towards the Ethiopian highlands.

Some rare villages of toukouls. A whimsical river bed, sometimes dry, other times finding a dribble of water farther.


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