Overlappings - Istanbul series


     How to photograph the ceaseless vibration of Istanbul? This city where the look panics in the hustles, climbs the minarets, gets lost in the streets, is dazzled by the stalls, or blinded by the brightness and the lights; city where the look sinks into the impetuous waters, gallops on the swarming bridges, heads for the multiple shores in turmoil.

     To reflect this atmosphere, I explore a technique of overprints. With a very "software" appearance, the result implies, nevertheless, anticipation and imagination of the final photo. The numerous shots combine several parameters, chosen according to places... often overcrowded. The software helps only in the controlled reorganization of the selected views.

     This is how abstractions from Istanbul are generated. But also and especially, in these very abstractions, concrete details and silhouettes make the city recognizable. Wandering in the image.


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